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Dog Collar


  • With a groom:  £5 for dogs up to Cocker Spaniel size,   £8 for larger dogs. 

  • Stand alone treatment (no grooming, just bathed and dried) £15 for short haired dogs and £20 for long haired dogs.

Our New CO2 Skin Therapy is applied during the bath and is helping pets everywhere with issues like dandruff, hotspots, yeast, tick/flea bites, odour, itchiness, poor hair growth, yeasty feet, and overall cleanliness for skin and coat. deep cleanses, removes odours,

can help with some skin medical problems and allergies and all around improve the look of their coat.

 The results are astounding.


Our CO2 Skin Therapy is used at the end of the bath.   The process increases blood circulation and oxygen absorption. It also helps with maintaining of the pH levels in the blood and skin.


Suitable for all Dogs!

It leaves the coat in beautiful condition and the dog smelling fantastic, but if you have a dog with chronic skin conditions and nothing else has worked try this new therapy.

  • Very high standard of clipping trimming and scissoring
  • Bathing, ears / eyes cleaned, nails cut
  • Specialized shampoos / Treatments and colognes
Ultrsound Skin Treatmen
Ultrasound Teeth



Book 10 treatments for £90

Get 1 treatment Free

The perfect dental care for the dog!

Four out of five dogs have dental problems caused by dental plaque and tartar. An effective remedy our Ultrasonic Toothbrush !

It supports the destruction of bacteria on the teeth and the gum, up to 12mm deep into the gingival pockets.

Ultrasonic with up to 96 million vibrations per minute helps in conjunction with the forming microbubbles, in the destruction of bacteria, tartar and plaque in your dog!

  • Non Invasive

  • Kills Bacteria

  • Ultrasound

  • No Anaesthetic

  • No Sound

  • Prevents Tooth Loss

  • Freshens Breath

  • No Stress

If you are a dog groomer and would like to offer this as a service in your salon,

 Give us a ring for more info.

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