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    Level 3 Certificate 

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The AIM Level 3 Dog Grooming Certificate Qualification is Nationally         Accredited & Ofqual Regulated.
                              This is our Commercial grooming Course



We Offer a Level 3 in Dog Grooming if you have completed the Aim Award qualification


26 day Course   Price   :  £4600

(Aim L3 Units Included)


Enrolment Now Open

This includes your assessment fees and Books and your  Heavenlyz Pet First aid Course

If you have completed the L3 Aim Award Step 1 with us then the Certificate can be offered as a

12 Day Course               :   £2.700 

Additional 5 Days can be booked at £499

NEXT COURSE Running MAY 9th 2024

             2 spaces left       Enrolment open

This qualification is aimed at learners wishing to enter the dog grooming industry. For learners currently working in the industry and enabling further progression within their career or for learners wishing to groom their own dogs and enhance their skills.

The qualification provides learners with in depth knowledge and skills that cover a range of subject areas required for the dog groomer including canine first aid, coat maintenance and preparation, handling dogs, customer experience, health and safety and animal welfare and legislation. Learners that achieve this qualification may progress onto higher level qualifications within the animal care sector or progress onto the level 3 diploma in dog grooming, or into employment within this industry. 


One to One Guidance and tuition when preparation towards building a portfolio of breeds to Breed standard specifications 4 dogs to be completed prior to your  assessment. Learners are provided with a learners journal to complete prior to the assessment which includes written questions and evidence of 4 dogs including style plans, health checks and witness statements. In their own workplace, demonstrate 4 different dogs being bathed, dried and prepared ready for styling. Each dog should be a different breed. All 4 dogs should cover all coat types to include combination, wire, silk, double. 

For each groom it is necessary to have taken a before and after photo, recorded style plan of the planned groom, health assessment and have a witness testimony recorded. All this is fully explained in the learners journal. 

The qualification will demonstrate to an employer or the general public that you have the necessary technical skills and knowledge to successfully groom a variety of dogs. To a commercial standard

 This is a formal, regulated, nationally recognized qualification that will remain relevant throughout your career.

It has been designed specifically for those looking to become professional dog groomers or those who already groom dogs but do not currently hold a nationally recognized qualification. 

      5 dogs in total for this Certificate.

All courses work towards achieving fully accredited OFQUAL regulated Qualifications.

  • Included in your course you will learn everything there is to know about commercial grooming, to help your confidence in getting you started with your new career, to earn your self money,

  • As Much support and Guidance as you need.

  • Teaching you not to rely on the customer to maintain and groom their dogs, but for you to groom manageable lengths for customer satisfaction.

  • Extra Training Days can be booked. 

  • we offer 5 days for £499

* We are not permitted to train anyone within the 6 mile radius to us. 

£200 off if you book before          9th May  

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