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Dog Grooming Academy 
Student groom
Price List

  • Yorkshire Terrier £35
  • King Charles Cavalier£35-£40
  • ​Lhasa-apso / Shih-tzu £35-40
  • ​Westie / Cairn Terrier / Scottie £35-£40
  • ​Bichon-Frise / Toy Poodle £40
  • English / American / Cocker Spaniel £40-£45
  • Small Labradoodle / Cockerpoo £40-£45
  • Springer Spaniel / Schnauzer £40
  • ​Wire haired / Lakeland Terrier £40
  • Border Collie / Golden Retriever £40-£45
  • ​Miniture Poodle £40-£45
  • Large Labradoodle £45-£55
  • ​Rough / Bearded Collie £45-£55
  • ​Airedale Terrier / Kerry Blue £45-£55
  • ​Long haired German Shepard £45-£55
  • ​Standard Poodle £55-£60
  • Samoyed £50
  • Large Golden Doodle / Labradoodle £50-£55
  • Old English Sheep dog £60-£65
  • ​New founderland £60
  • ​St. .Bernard / Mountain dog £60-£65
  • CO2 Treatment with a groom From £5
  • CO2 Treatment (only) From £15.00
  • Teeth Cleaning  £15.00 a treatment.


Prices are from £35 (for students grooms), as this depends on the size of dog, condition of the dogs coat, and the time it may take to groom.


*If their coat is particularly matted- ( An Extra charge of £10 may be added in this case .

 We also offer Days for  Student Grooms at discounted rates. see our offers and vouchers.

If you're looking for a senior stylist to groom your dog, Stephanie Pina LGCI fully qualified on groomers spotlight, (20 years of grooming experience) Contact to know the hourly pay.


  • Grooming - Bush and deshed

  • Washing -  High Quality Shampoos and conditioners

  • Styling - Trainees are guided by steph with them

  • Blow drying By Hand

  • Finishing to perfection!

  • New designer salon with the latest equipment

  • A happy safe warm environment

  • Full assessment and examination of all dogs

  • Very high standard of clipping trimming and scissoring

  •  Nails cut

Prices are starting from £35 for Student groom

From £50 for our professional stylist groom
Please phone for a consultation with Steph first

Working on live animal and sharp scissors is quite a skill and we will try to do our  best results, but as you know  animals move so we can only do our best. 
The more training you can do at home with your pet the better results we will be able to achieve. Many thanks for your understanding


Choose some additional Spa
Treatments to add to your Groom......

Chihuahua Bath

In addition to the full groom, treat your pampered pooch to the following SPA treatments! Because they're worth it!

  • Add 3 treatments for an Extra £5

  • Add 5 treatments for an Extra £8

  • Add 8 treatments for an Extra £10

  • Add All Spa treatments for an Extra £15 and get an extra 10% OFF your Total Bill.

  • Luxury Shampoo

  • Bandana

  • Blueberry facial

  • Tear stain remover

  • Deep ear cleanse

  • Hydrating cocoa butter

  • Deep coat re-moisturising conditioner

  • Fresh breath gel & foam application

  • Spritz up of cologne/perfume

  • Paw tidy & wax!


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