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Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning With No Anaesthetic.

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

We have had some amazing results Take a look at our pictures of some of our clients with sparkling white teeth.. Affordable too

Amazing results after 3 sessions

The perfect dental care for the dog

Four out of five dogs have dental problems caused by dental plaque and tartar. An effective remedy our Ultrasonic Toothbrush !

It supports the destruction of bacteria on the teeth and the gum, up to 12mm deep into the gingival pockets.

Ultrasonic with up to 96 million vibrations per minute helps in conjunction with the forming microbubbles, in the destruction of bacteria, tartar and plaque in your dog!

Non Invasive

Kills Bacteria


No Anaesthetic

No Sound

Prevents Tooth Loss

Freshens Breath

No Stress

Give us a ring for more info.

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