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New L3 Award Qualification

This is a new 15 day dog grooming course priced at £2,700

AIM Qualifications Level 3 Award in Dog Grooming This qualification is aimed at learners wishing to enter the dog grooming industry with no prior experience, for learners currently working in the industry or for learners seeking to build their confidence and skillset in grooming their own dogs. This qualification provides learners with an introduction to dog grooming and the legislation surrounding the profession. Learners will gain skills in bathing, drying and overall coat maintenance of all coat types, with an emphasis on safe working practice and animal welfare. Learners that achieve this qualification may progress onto higher level qualifications within the animal care sector or progress onto the Level 3 Certificate in Dog Grooming, the Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming or into employment within this industry.

Here at Tendring dog grooming Academy we are a small training academy with a maximum of 4 students at any one time, for more close tuition by the teacher

your tutor Steph also gives extra support for those students that have learning difficulties.

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